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Siemens Industrial Automation and Drives Technologies (Siemens IA & DT) - the world's largest supplier of automation technology, drives, electrical installation technology. Siemens IA & DT provides comprehensive solutions for any task and allows you to implement a " strategy of a fully integrated automation ", and for all kinds of applications in all areas, for any enterprise. SISIncorporated is an official Authorized Partner of Siemens IA & DT category "Solution Partner" - Partner Solutions to modules:
  • Automation System Simatic
  • Human Machine IntefaceSimatic HMI
  • Process Control System PCS7
Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) - Department of Siemens " Building Technologies (SBT)" develops unique solutions that represent a new word in the technical equipment of buildings and structures. The main activities of SBT - is the creation of integrated security systems and automation systems, life support systems of buildings, creation of systems of " smart home “. SBT is by far the largest and leading developer and manufacturer of virtually the entire spectrum of equipment and systems to achieve maximum comfort and safety. SIS Incorporated is a partner of Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) project.

Unify Communications (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) - one of the largest providers of global communications solutions and services. World leader in the segment of corporate communications. The company has a strong position in the field of unified communications systems, call centers, secure networks, as well as in providing all types of communications from the virtual environment. The product portfolio contains a wide variety of innovative, reliable and flexible products - from the end devices and global networks to high-tech enterprise management solutions. Company "SIS Incorporated " is an official authorized partner "Approved Partner" Unify Communications of the highest category - "Premier" in accordance with the new operating affiliate program "Go Forward".

OTN Systems NV - formerly the Belgian subsidiary of Siemens; after merging companies became part of Nokia Siemens Networks; from August 2008 the company is independent. OTN Systems NV develops and supplies a wide range of technology solutions for the Open Transport Network (OTN) for multiple market segments: metropolitan, railways, mines, highways and tunnels, oil and gas companies, oil and gas pipelines, airports and large industrial enterprises.

Innovative Public Transport Network Solutions Company based on the latest fiber-optic technology and offers the most robust, open and easy-to-use system.

OTN Systems are designed to serve the needs of medium industrial enterprises and include all forms of communication - voice, data, audio, and video. OTN offers unmatched reliability, security, and flexibility. This is truly the best product service extension for building networks of any industrial enterprise. SIS Incorporated is an official authorized distributor of OTN Systems NV.

MOBOTIX AG - Mobotix attaches great importance to the development and introduction of new technologies into their products. Because of this, today the company is a leader in intelligent network cameras of high resolution. Feature of MOBOTIX cameras, IP network is a set of optics and processing power, enabling broadcast and record up to 20 frames per second at a resolution of 3MEGA (2048x1536), without having to produce high demands on the network infrastructure and storage systems and video processing, video processing at the expense of yourself "on the spot "- inside the camera! Built-in logic and software can significantly reduce the load on the network, and Hemispheric Technology provides a previously unattainable capabilities all from a single network camera.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions - a leading provider of infrastructure solutions in the region, which includes Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. The company is able to meet the needs of customers: large corporations, small and medium enterprises and private users. Strategic direction of the Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures is, the company offers a wide range of IT products, solutions and services - ranging from clients to datacenter solutions and services to manage IT infrastructures. Fujitsu is a part of the global Fujitsu Group. Fujitsu Group, which delivers IT solutions in more than 70 countries and has more than 160,000 employees.
MSI Solutions GmbH provides solutions for all aspects of cost control for corporate communications. For you to know where the money left over, products, MSI make transparent communication costs due to: programs to control costs TELEDATA, cost optimization for computer telephony, consultations on the basis of the data network operators and networks High-End.